Why have I created Magdalena DanceWear?

As far as I can remember dancing has always been the main topic in my family home. My father was a dance teacher, my sister and I started dancing when we were little girls, and my mum was sewing dance clothes for over 30 years.

I remember watching my mum as she was cutting out materials, choosing accessories, decorating dresses with motifs and stones. I absolutely loved it. Of course, my mum was making my first dance dresses. But when I grew up, I started creating designs for my own costumes. Designing dance dresses became my true passion.

Having lots of experience as Latin and Ballroom competitor, and performing on dance stage for many years I know exactly what are the needs of dancers.
I know how important it is for a dancer to feel good and comfortable in the dress she is wearing. From my own experience, I know that it greatly affects the quality of dance performance and the result you archive.

Your confidence as a  dancer and self-esteem as a woman is building every day during your practice. That's why how you feel and how you look during practice is of great importance to your dance success and well being as a woman.

I believe the most important thing is that you feel beautiful, comfortable and free every day of your life. That's why how you dress and how you feel during practice will have a huge impact on your dance career. And with that thought in mind, I have created Magdalena DanceWear Collection.

Enjoy your dancing, enjoy being a woman.


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